Graveyard Policy

In our parish we have three active burial grounds: Arles Graveyard, Killeen Graveyard and Ballylinan Cemetery.

Terms like graveyard and cemetery are often used in an interchangeable manner but actually there are differences between the two concepts.

A graveyard is normally located, as the name would suggest, in the proximity of a church building (of whatever religious denomination i.e. Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland etc.). Such a burial ground is governed by that church and is a burial site for adherents of that particular faith.

A cemetery is a burial ground not connected to any church building, and by extension is not connected to any faith denomination. In Ireland they are usually governed by the local County Council and a uniform set of Council rules and pricing for graves is applied throughout the county.

Pertaining to our own parish, the burial grounds in Arles and Killeen are graveyards and thus governed by the parish. We advise that you consult the policies below to see guidelines and practices for Arles and Killeen.

Arles Graveyard Policy

Killeen Graveyard Policy


The cost of a grave in Arles and Killeen is as follows:

Single Plot €300

Double Plot €600

Treble Plot €900


Ballylinan has an old church graveyard and new cemetery extension adjacent to it. This old graveyard is now full and no further new graves are permitted. If you require a new grave plot in Ballylinan the new cemetery extension will accommodate your needs.  Please contact Laois County Council for terms and conditions.