Funerals & Requiem Mass

Death is always a sad occurrence. To lose a spouse, parent, family member, or close friend is surely one of the most painful experiences we must endure in life.

While nothing at this time can remove the pain of loss, the Funeral Mass has a clear message of hope. The Readings, Psalms, and Communion Reflections that follow all convey compassion and hope. The presence of people at a time of family bereavement may also be a wonderful source of strength. It is the local community speaking not in words but by their very presence. We want you to know that your sorrow and grief is shared by the whole Parish Family. We will support you in every possible way. We will also pray for you and with you.

At a time that is generally sad and emotional for the family and friends of the deceased, we are ready and anxious to assist in any way possible. Arrangements for Church Liturgies are made by contacting Fr. Padraig (059) 914 7637.

The Rite of Christian burial normally consists of

(1) Reception of Remains in Church,
(2) Funeral Liturgy in Mass or Funeral Liturgy without Mass,
(3) Final commendation and burial.

Two of these ceremonies take place in the church:

1: The Reception of Remains at the Church

This is a ceremony of prayers, readings, and hymns. This usually takes place the evening before the Funeral Mass although very often the remains are received into the Church on the morning of the Funeral Mass.

2: The Funeral Mass

The funeral Mass has a clear message of hope. In the following pages, there is a selection of Bible readings to choose from. Pick those that have a special meaning for you. Some members of the family may be composed enough to do the Readings. But if it would be an ordeal, feel free to ask friends of the family or a neighbour. What to choose?

One reading from the Old Testament.
One reading from the New Testament.
Prayer of the Faithful. (Choose between 3 and 5.)
Offertory: (Bread and Wine Only.)
Communion Reflection (Chosen from the Reflections provided. See Below)

Funeral Eulogy:
Sometimes families wish to give a eulogy at a funeral. It is important to note that a eulogy is optional, so family members should not in any way feel pressurised into having to deliver one. The most appropriate place to give a eulogy is at the graveside or crematorium when the prayers have been concluded. However, many families give the eulogy in the church. If this is the case, in Arles Parish, this is done after Communion time and before the final prayers of Commendation.

Our Bishop, Denis Nulty has asked, that if there is a eulogy, only one person should speak. It is also important to note that the priest will have included various references to the deceased person in the homily during the Mass. It is quite common that the person delivering the eulogy repeats what the priest has already said. For this reason, it is a very good idea to check with the priest, so that the eulogy is not repetitive in nature. We also request that the eulogy would not be any longer than 3/4 minutes in length.

3: The final Commendation and Burial are done in the Cemetery; for some, the final Commendation will be at the Crematorium.



It is normal practice that the Funeral Undertaker will finalise the funeral arrangements (time and place for the Requiem mass and burial) by liaising with the priest and the bereaved family.



Scripture Readings

If possible it is nice that extended family and friends participate in the Requiem Mass. This can be achieved in a number of different ways: participate in a procession of symbols that represent the life of the deceased; the Offertory Procession; reading the Scripture Readings; or leading the Prayer of the Faithful.

Download a copy of suggested Funeral Mass readings below:

Funeral Mass Scripture Readings

Prayer of the Faithful for Requiem Mass


Musicians and Singers

Music: All music and hymns chosen should be appropriate to a religious ceremony reflecting our faith and belief in the person of Jesus who walks with us at every step in life’s journey.
Personal symbols that reflect the life of your loved one are presented at the beginning of the Mass.



A Time for Family Prayer

As we gather around our deceased loved one at the time of a funeral, some families may wish to offer prayers for their departed oved one, either in private or at a public wake. Traditionally the prayer we turn to at this time is the Rosary. For those who may be unsure how to pray the Rosary, please click the link below:

How to say the Rosary