Eucharist – First Holy Communion


In our parish, First Communion is celebrated when children are in Second Class. Preparation for First Communion is shared by the parish, the school and the family. In school children follow the Grow in Love Religious  Education programme.

The parish preparation programme offers parents and family the opportunity to be involved in their children’s preparation. It is an experiential programme that evolves around participation in our Sunday mass gathering. Parents will be advised of the specific masses to attend with their children.

In trying to keep the First Communion a personal experience for the family as well as a special day for our faith community, Fr. Padraig will visit the home of each child prior to the celebration of the sacrament. This visit is simply designed to allow the child to feel special and an opportunity also for a house blessing to mark the special year of blessing that is Holy Communion for any family.


1st Communion Dates for 2021 to be confirmed later.

Delay due to the uncertain nature of the Covid-19 Pandemic.