St. Anne’s Church, Ballylinan celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2019.

To mark this special moment in the history of our parish the Church received a gentle renovation. Ballylinan Pastoral Group members (Michael Sourke, John Bambrick, Mary Byrne, Margaret Brennan, Kevin Hovenden & Anna Maria McHugh) undertook to see various works completed. The project namely consisted of: commissioning a new Ambo, refinished altar,  addition of new  presidential chair and presiders chairs in the sanctuary area; change of carpets in the sanctuary and sacristy; the removal of one confession box to facilitate a new prayer space centred around the restored stained glass window of St. Patrick from the original church in Ballylinan (now St. Anne’s Hall); the design of a new baptistry area with the backdrop of a three new stained glass windows (depicting the Baptism of the Lord); new lighting throughout the church; new sound system; painting of the exterior of the church; and general restoration work to the fabric of the building (for pics see our gallery ‘Restoration Work in Ballylinan Church’) . Thanks to the members of the Pastoral Group, the project was completed on time and within budget.

To mark the Jubilee a beautiful mass was arranged for 20th October 2019 (Mission Sunday). Bishop Denis was our main concelebrant assisted by Fr. Tommy, Fr. John Stapleton (nephew of former PP Fr. Michael Coughlin) and myself.

A special Jubilee Choir was formed for the occasion along with a Confirmandi Choir (made up of young people preparing for Confirmation). A beautiful ceremony was celebrated and it capped a memorable chapter in the life of St. Anne’s Church.

Fr. Padraig