Prayer for Peace

Blessed are you, King of the Universe,
who has created this world.
Generation after generation,
human beings praise your deeds.
Your powerful actions proclaim love to all.
Through the words of prophets and psalmists,
you have announced to all the world
the value, importance, and the need for peace.
Show and teach us, Lord, your paths
that lead all peoples
to understand the value of peace.
You listen with love
and protect the weak and downtrodden;
you teach the value
of freedom, justice, and fellowship.
We witness your endless dedication to humanity
and your eternal love.
We proclaim your glory and we sing your praises,
aware of your kindness and the miracles you perform.
We beg you, Lord our God,
for the miracle of true peace.
Light our way so that we may find it.
Grant us this peace,
which is your most precious gift.
Plant virtue in all our souls
and turn us into pioneers of true peace.